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Web 2.0

Digital storytelling tools


A tool that enables you to write, create and publish your own stories


A tool that gives anyone the power to create amazing comics on the Web


A tool for making visual stories in seconds


A tool for creating animated videos

Website creation tools


A website building platform


A Web-hosting service featuring a drag-and-drop website builder


A “hosted” website creation tool and solution


A secure, private blogging platform created specifically for educational use and recommended for primary school pupils.

Learning Management System (LMS)


An online networking application for teachers and students.


An LMS that allows users to create, manage, and share content and resources.


The virtual collaborative platform of the registered eTwinning project that provides communication, collaboration and editing tools.


A collaboration tool that helps you and your teams stay on top of it all.


A learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.

Google Classroom

A blended learning platform developed by Google for schools that aims to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way.

Productivity tools


A home for all your photos, docs, video s and files.


A tool that helps you define your strategy with your team through pre-structured canvas templates.

A link management platform.

Collaboration tools

Google Drive

A tool that makes your files accessible anywhere through secure Cloud storage a nd file backup.


A virtual bulletin board that offers a variety of canvases for users to choose from and allows them to post sticky notes, video s and documents.


A digital canvas to create beautiful projects that are easy to share and collaborate.


A tool that makes your images come alive with private video, notes, or even music from YouTube.


A tool about mixing all kinds of media on a virtual canvas to create multimedia posters.


A tool that takes the process of dot voting online to allow groups of people to collaborate on a topic.


A tool that allows you to instantly draw and write together online.


A tool that enables you to make diagramming a team sport.


A tool for real-time messaging, archiving and searching for modern teams.


A tool that enables multiple users to enter a free-form collaborative drawing session through their browser with integrated text chat.


An interactive whiteboard app available for your device.

Free-audio resources tools


A tool that lets you find digital photographic images for Web, publishing and design.

A tool that lets you find high quality and high-resolution images free from all copyright restrictions (CC0) – no attribution required.


A tool that lets you find images and videos free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.


A tool that enables you to narrow your search on genre, feel, tempo, or length to find music free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.

Free Music Archive

A tool that allows you to find free songs under Creative Commons license. To use them, you should mention the artist in your project.


A mix of musical community and marketplace for downloading songs under license. You can download free music for your projects if they are only for personal use.


Well classified between genres and moods, there’s hundreds of songs on mp3 format for immediate download.


A tool that lets you find free music resources and music education resources for teachers and students.

Curation tools


A social network which allows you to share and comment on visual material, which could be photographs, sketches, videos or Web pages.

A tool for curating and publishing great lists.


A tool that enables you to combine all of your Cloud documents and website links and upload your desktop documents–- to then easily access, share, and update your binders from anywhere.


A visual and collaborative curation tool that allows users to organise, explore and share any URL they find online as well as to upload personal photos, files and notes.


A personal startpage that allows you to easily navigate the Web and compile your favourite sites all into one visual interface.!

A tool that allows you to create boards of curated content, share your thoughts on that content, and connect with others who have similar interests.

Create tools

Adobe Spark

A free online and mobile graphic design app. Easily create beautiful images, videos, and Web pages that help tell your own story.


A social sound platform where anyone can listen to or create sounds and share them everywhere.


A tool that enables you to record, upload and share audio.


A repository of high-quality practices and free materials for reading and language arts instruction.


A tool that helps you easily create beautiful designs and documents.

A simple Web tool that empowers anyone to create and share powerful visuals (infographics, posters).


A free Web-based app that allows anyone to create interactive and visually stimulating timelines.


A photo editing tool that creates talking animations from a photo or other image.


A tool that lets people become instant artists and express themselves creatively without the need for any technical knowledge.


A platform that enables groups to collect and prioritise ideas in a transparent, democratic, and bottom-up way.


A collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in several ways – text, voice, audio file, or webcam.


An online community of creative people, who exhibit works of art within virtual galleries, created in a 3d, virtual reality space.


A comic-creating tool.


A quick a nd easy way to share voice messages over the Internet.


A tool for creating, playing, sharing jigsaw puzzles and competing with other users.


An educational programming environment about teaching coding in two widely used languages, Python and JavaScript, through music composing and remixing.

Interact/Quiz tools


A tool for using technology to administer quizzes, discussions or surveys.


A tool that allows you to conduct student-paced formative assessments in a fun and engaging way for students of all ages.


A powerful collaboration and presentation software featuring unlimited votes, pollsword clouds, multiple choice questions, quizzes and more.


An instant response tool designed for the K-12 environment.


A tool that makes movement and mindfulness an integral part of the day, at school and at home.


A tool that enables you easily to turn a Google Spreadsheet into a Set of Online Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff.


A tool that allows you to start creating an engaging survey in minutes.


A tool for creating free games, quizzes, activities and diagrams in seconds.

Jeopardy Labs

A tool for creating your own jeopardy template online, without PowerPoint.

Video creation/editing tools


A tool that turns your everyday videos and photos into exciting, memorable movies you’ll want to watch again and again.

A free platform to easily and visually put talks, conversations, stories, scenes (and what not!) online.


A tool that turns your photos and video clips into professional video slideshows in minutes.


A tool that enables you make animations online in minutes.


An interactive video platform, empowering users to add clickable hotspots, or ‘tags’, to any moving person or object in video.

An image-based social network and a Cloud-based video creation service that is easy to use, allowing the creation of video slideshows from photos, slideshows, video clips, and music.

Assessment tools


A tool for creating quality rubrics.


Either start from scratch or modify one of more than half a million rubrics posted by fellow teachers.

Present tools


A free easy-to-use design tool that allows you to create professional engaging presentations, infographics and other forms of visual content.


A presentation app that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life and make you a great presenter.

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